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How do Furnaces Work?

Ever find yourself wondering how furnaces work? What magic happens inside a furnace that keeps your toes toasty when the Fraser Valley gets nippy? Well, it’s not magic—it’s good ol’ science and engineering, and we, at Primo Heat, are all about spreading warmth and wisdom. Let’s break down how furnaces work to keep you warm.

how do furnaces work

A Little Furnace 101

Furnaces are the heart of your home’s heating system, pumping warm air into every room. The furnace kicks into gear when the temperature in your pad drops below the comfort zone. It’s like the furnace knows you’re about to reach for that extra sweater and kicks in to save you.

The Warm-Up Routine

First up, the thermostat gives the green light. Whether it’s a classic dial or a fancy smart thermostat, when it signals, the furnace’s burner gets the party started by mixing fuel with air and lighting a fire.

Inside the furnace, there’s a gadget called the heat exchanger. It’s a group of tubes or coils that get all cozy with the heat from the burner. Air from your home’s ductwork blows over these hot coils, and it gets warm.

Blower Fans

Next, the blower fan steps in. It’s like the unsung hero that takes this newly warmed-up air and sends it through the ducts and into your rooms. It’s a bit like delivering warm cookies straight out of the oven, except it’s warm air all over your house.

Exhaust Doesn’t Allow Bad Fumes

The furnace produces some gases that aren’t great, like carbon monoxide. No worries, though—there’s a flu or vent pipe that sends those gases outside.

Think of your furnace as a trusty friend, always there to warm things up when the chill sets in. And when it comes to keeping it in tip-top shape, that’s where we come in. Whether you want to repair your furnace or get a new one, Primo Heat has everything you need.

Ready to get toasty? Primo Heat is your go-to place for all things cozy and warm in BC’s Fraser Valley, from gas furnaces to ductless wonders. Request a quote on our website or give us a call at (778) 883-8447.

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Italian flag line
Fraser Valley’s Leading HVAC Specialists & Lennox Dealer